Topken Silica Fume

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Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China
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Silicon Metal
Silica Ultra Fine-500
SiO2 Content (%):
Fe2O3 Content (%):
Al2O3 Content (%):
MgO Content (%):
CaO Content (%):
P2O5 Content (%):
Typical 0.071%
Max. 0.70%
Typical 0.13%
Typical 0.033%
Typical 0.014%
Max. 0.5%
Typical 1.83%
pH Value:
Bulk Density:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
30005000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
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shanghai or tianjin
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within 10 days after confirming the order

Topken silica fume, is a byproduct of producing silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys.

Standard for Topken Silica Fume NR900

ParametersStandard Value
Silicon Dioxide(SiO2)min 90 %
Loss on Ignition(L.O.I)max 3 %
Moisture Content(H2O )max 1.0 %
Percent Retained On 45μm (325 sieve)max 2.0 %
Bulk Density250-300kg/kg/m3 and 600-700kg/m3


Standard for Topken Silica Fume NR920

Index itemsStandard Value
SiO2(Silicon Dioxide)Min. 92.0%
C(Carbon)max. 2.0%
Fe2O3 (Iron Oxide)Max. 0.50%
Al2O3(Aluminium Oxide)Max. 0.70%
CaO(Calcium Oxide)Max. 0.50%
MgO(Magnesium Oxide)Max. 0.50%
K2O(Potassium Oxide)Max. 0.70%
Na2O(Sodium Oxide)Max. 0.40%
Moisture Content(H2O)Max. 1.5%
Loss on Ignition(L.O.I) @ 975°CMax. 3.0%
Percent Retained On 45μm (325 sieve)Max. 1.5%
Bulk Density250-300kg/m3
pH Value(fresh)4.5-7.5


Standard for Topken Silica Fume NR940



SiO2 Silicon Dioxide, Amorphous

min 94%

Fe2O3 Iron Oxide

Typical 0.19%

Al2O3 Aluminium Oxide

Typical 0.27%

CaO Calcium Oxide

Typical 0.26%

MgO Magnesium Oxide

Typical 0.49%

K2O Potassium Oxide

Typical 0.50%

Na2O Sodium Oxide

Typical 0.38%

P2O5 Phosphorus Pentoxide

Typical 0.26%

MnO Manganese Oxide

Typical 0.25%

TiO2 Titanium Oxide

Typical 0.21%

Loss on Ignition

Typical 2.88%

Coarse Particles >45μm (325mesh)

max 1.2%

Bulk Density(as packed)

200-350kg/m3 U
500-700kg/m3 D


Standard for Topken Silica Fume NR950

Index itemsStandard Value
SiO2(Silicon Dioxide)Min. 95.0%
Fe2O3 (Iron Oxide)Typical 0.21%
Al2O3(Aluminium Oxide)Typical 0.08%
CaO(Calcium Oxide)Typical 0.11%
MgO(Magnesium Oxide)Typical 0.21%
K2O(Potassium Oxide)Typical 0.32%
Na2O(Sodium Oxide)Typical 0.24%
P2O5(Phosphorus Pentoxide)Typical 0.09%
Moisture Content(H2O)Max. 1.0%
Loss on Ignition(L.O.I)Typical 2.63%
Coarse Particles >45μm (325mesh)max 1.2%
Bulk Density200-350kg/m3 U
500-700kg/m3 D


 Standard for Topken Silica Fume NR970

Analysis/PropertiesStandard Value
SiO2(Silicon Dioxide)Typical 97.24%
C(Carbon)Max. 0.7%
Fe2O3 (Iron Oxide)Typical 0.071%
Al2O3(Aluminium Oxide)Typical 0.044%
CaO(Calcium Dioxide)Typical 0.18%
MgO(Magnesium Dioxide)Typical 0.18%
K2O(Potassium Dioxide)Typical 0.38%
Na2O(Sodium Dioxide)Typical 0.13%
Mn2O3(Mananese Oxide)Typical 0.033%
P2O5(Phosphorus Pentoxide)Max. 0.1%
SO3(Sulphur Trioxide)Max. 0.2%
Cl (Chloride)Typical 0.014%
Moisture Content(H2O )Max. 0.5%
Loss on Ignition(L.O.I)Typical 1.83%
pH Value6-8
Percent Retained On 45μm (325 sieve)Max. 0.5%
Bulk Density200-350kg/m3


TOPKEN Silica Fume in refractory

1.Enhancing the fluid of pouring refractory, reducing the volume of used water, be easy to shape, and raising the production efficiency.

2.Because of its untramicrostructure for gap filling, the compact and intensity of refractory gain rising by a wade margin.

3.TOPKEN Silica Fume is a highly effective pozzolanic material,it's easy to come into being Mullite Phase, under the premise that Al2O3 exists, enhance elevated temperature strength and thermal shock of refractory.


TOPKEN Silica Fume in Concrete

 The uses for TOPKEN Silica Fume in concrete fit into general categories of enhancing mechanical properties, improving durability, enhancing construct ability.

1. Making high-grade concrete effectively enhances the strength  and pumpability of strong concrete. 

2. Making high crack-resistance, self-waterproofing concrete, be used in the subway, tunnel and basement of high-rise structures.

3. Used in maritime works and chemical industry. Owing to the compactability, it can prevent effectively sulphate and chlorine ion from osmosizing and eroding Avoid the steel corroding in armoured concrete (RC), lengthen the life-span of concrete.

4. Effects on high-early strength concrete and strong concrete.

5. In project item for water conservancy and bridge, the concrete not only needs basic quota mentioned above, but also its wear-resistant quality and abrasion resistance. Thus, adding TOPKEN Microsilica is necessary.

6. Effects on shortcreting-lined concrete for support in tunnel, subway, and large-scale foundation ditch.

7. Used in the construction item under water, such as pier, huge dam and drilling platform.

8. Used in road surface concrete of expressway and large-scale bridge.